Reader Bluetooth - GEM - Stand Alone

Brand: Gianni
Product Code: E1196
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Reader Bluetooth - GEM - Stand Alone

E1196 Bluetooth Stand Alone Reader GEM

Connect with any Bluetooth smartphone for easy and quick access anywhere


  • Unlocking the door from Bluetooth smartphone within Bluetooth range of the reader.
  • E-Access E1196 app allows Master to grant/disable access and manage user data.
  • 1 Administrator, 196 Users.
  • Surface mounted and anti-tailgate protected.
  • Buzzer: Ideal to warn of prolonged door open. 85 dBA.
  • Bi-stable Relay: When you select to enable Bi-stable function, you can press down the E button on the screen for few seconds to activate and keeps the door unlocked indefinitely.


Power In12 to 24 VDC, 50mA, 1W
Bluetooth SpecBluetooth low energy 4.0 standard
Operating Distance50 meters
Proximity Distance

50 meters

(Configurable, for hands-free operation)

Operating Temperature+14° to 104°F (-10° to + 40°C)
LED Status Indicator

Blue: Bluetooth is active

Green: Unlocked status

Red: Power reset
Dimensions4-1/2” x 2-3/4” x 1-3/16”

(114 x 69.5 x 30 mm)


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